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Ven Law
Ven Law
J. Erskine Esqre
J. Girdwood Soonhope
013 [Situation] N.E [North East] Side of Peebles

A considerable hill Situated at the N.E. [North East] Suburb of the t [town] of Peebles. It is closely cov [covered] with wood - excepting on the [North] Side - which is Arable l [land] It is the property of J Ers [Erskine] Esqre Venlaw House.
SOONHOPE MILL (Corn & Flour) Soonhope Mill
Soonhope Mill
J Erskine Esqre
A Girdwood
013 [situation] About ¾ of a mile East of Peebles

A Corn & flour mill two Storys high - with a common farm house & large farm of Arable & pasture land attached, It is tenanted [by] A Girdwood - And the prop [property] of Sir Adam Hay Bart. [Baronet]

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