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[Carlops Hill]
Up the Dean from the Site of the Cottage on the west between [the Turnip] and the Mount Maw
Carlop Hill is the Lin Burn Cutting off a part of the Lead Flats and descending from
the Flats into the Dean in a lin or or leap of from twenty to thirty feet. Beyond the
Lin Burn and at the western extremity of the Lead Flats are a row of natural pits
Called the Seven Cauldrons between and the Cavern penetrating the hill from the verge
of the Dean named Jenny Barry's Cave. on the Summit of the Mount Maw Carlop
Hill immediately above these is a remarkable almost level plain of Considerable
extent hanging down the outside of which on the South-east in full view from
below is a deep moss broken into hags and hillocks called the Black Pots. Down
the middle of the Dean from the Cove to the Site of the Cottage in Succession
at Short distances from each other appear three remarkable mounts or little hills; the first
opposite to the Cove of a conic shape with a rocky Summit is Called the peaked Craig
the second opposite to the Seven Cauldrons of a lengthened oval winding form with a
flat space on the middle of its top is Called Dun Kaim and the third nearly
opposite to the Cascade on the Lin Burn is Called the Little Turnip Hill or the Hole-Haugh
Knowe which is a perfect cone to its apex. On the other side of the Dean pointing to the
Cove and with the Peaked Craig between them a part of the south-east bank seems
as if scooped out by art and is named Hell's Hole. Descending the Dean from the
Cottage a little way below the mansion and the withered ash tree on the other east [continued on page 13]

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