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side of it near the lime quarry is a spring called the Rumbling Well which threw
out a man's glove some years ago when thrust into a hole about a quarter of a mile
distance. +++++++++++++++++

It is related by the aged hinds and shepherds of the district that in ancient times a
Carling or witch lived near the Conic rocks on the northern verge of the Carlop dean at the
south end of the pass or glen below the Lead Flats a short westward from the old
mansion. The petrifying Spring on the north side of the Turnip Hill -- the seven Cauldrons
at the south end of the Lead Flats under the Carlop hill the singular plain and the Black
pots on its summit -- the subterranean passage on the edge of the dean beyond the Cauldrons
Called Jenny Barry's Cove -- the unusual excavation in the opposite side that still retains
the name of Hell's Hole the three fantastic and artificial like mounts rising in a row
from the flat centre of the Dean and the Rumbling Well below these surrounding her
cottage were all of course held to be the productions of her magic spells and incantations
and skill in the black art She was frequently seen it was said at nights with a light
on her broom like Spunkie bounding and frisking over the pass behind her cruve
from point to point and that hence the Conic rocks got the name of the Carling's Loups
the hill, Dean, Burn, and adjoining grounds the Carlings-Loups-Hill Dean, etc, since
contracted to Carlops-Hill Dean, Burn, and Grounds, -- Notes to Pennicuik's Description of Tweeddale page 115

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