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STONE CIRCLES AND CAIRNS Stone Circles & Cairns Arthur Forbes Esq
Duncan Forbes Esq
Guide to Culloden Moor
006 This name is written to a series of Stone Circles and Cairns, in as perfect a state as any that are to be seen in any part of Scotland. It consists of three triple concentric circles, one small single one, consisting of sixteen small boulder, stones, quite close together, and three Cairns. The cairns are in every instance within the middle and inner circles. The outer circle, of the most easterly one consists of ten stones at unequal distances, six of which are upright, the remainder prostrate; The middle circle, to which hemmed in the Cairn is scarcely discernable. The stones of the Cairn having fallen and spread over it so that only a few of the stones which it is said numbered fifty-four, are not to be seen. The inner circle or chamber, which it resembles, is 12½ feet in diameter and about 8 feet in height. It was opened about 40 years ago when two urns containing calcined bones were discovered. Into this chamber there is a narrow passage, 2½ feet wide by 12 in length, flanked by large stones through the body of the cairn. The above description is applicable to the most westerly one and also to the middle one except that the cairn which stood within its circles is almost gone.
N.B. Urns have been found only in the most easterly Cairn, which is shown on Trace by a Cross.

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Nairnshire -- Ph. [Parish] of Croy and Dalcross

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Urns containing calcined bones found here - Description remarks are included in those for Stone Circles & Cairns

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