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The Barons of Kilravock obeyed the statute in its fullest intendment. They built their fortalice and Manorplace, and for four hundred years continued to dwell in it " for the gracious governall of their lands by good polising. The "licence to big a toure of fens" runs thus. " Johne of Yle, Erle of Ross and lord of the Ilis, to all ande sundry to quhais knowledge thir our present letteris sall come greting, witte us to haue gevyne and grantit ande be thir present letteris gevis ande grantis our full power and licence till our luffed cosing, man and tennand, Huchone de Roos, baron of Kylravok, to fund, big, ande upmak a toure of fens, with barmkin and bataling, upon quhat place of strynthe him best likis, within the barony of Kilrawok, without any contradictioun or demavnd, questioun, or any obiection to put in contrar of him or his ayris, be us or our ayris, for the said toure & barmkyn making with bataling, now or in tyme to cum. In witness hereof, we haf gert our sele to ther letteris be affixt at Invernys, the achtend day of Februar, the yer of Godd a thousand four hundreth sixte yer."

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