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Extract from "Sketches of Early Scotch History" published in 1861 by Edmonston & Douglas, Edinburgh - Pages 443-444.

Hugh, the seventh Baron, was the builder of the Tower, the oldest part of the Existing Mansion of Kilravock. In his time the Earls of Ross were interposed between the Crown and its vassals in Nairnshire. One of James 1st first Efforts for restoring Civil Government, after his return from his English Captivity, was to ordain that ' Everilke lorde hafande lands, in the quhilk landis in aulde tymes thare was castells, fortalyces and Manor places, big, reparel and reforme thar castells and Maners, and dwell in thaim be thaim self or be ane of thare frends, for the gracious governall of thair lands be gude polising, and to expende the froyte of thair landis in the cuntre whare the lands lyis'. Although we must not attribute too much Efficacy to an old (Scotch) Act of Parliament, it is not a little remarkable that a number of Scotch Castles date from the half Century following that Enactment:- all of one design too - a stern, square keep, rudely kernel lated and surmounted with a cap-house - partially surrounded by a barbican, the "barmkin" of the Ensuing Charter - affording protection to the inhabitants and their cattle from the hurried inroads of rough-handed Neighbours.

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