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LOCHINDORB CASTLE (Continued) Continued [continued from page 33]
island in a large lake of that name, distant about 7 or 8 miles north of Castle Grant, The island is fully more than a Scotch acre in extent, and every part of it is occupied by the castellated wall, in many places 20 feet high, and supposed to have been much higher. According to Mr. Shaw in his history of the Province of Moray, when the Earl of March defeated and killed the Earl of Athol at Kilblair in 1335 and raised the Seige of Kildrummie Castle, The Earl of Athol's lady fled to the Castle of Lochindorb, Sir Alexander Gordon laid seige to it, but next year he was obliged to raise the Seige. The Castle and adjacent grounds belong to the Earl of Seafield,
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Human remains were found within the walls of the Castle in A.D. 1866.

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