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Jas. Cochrane Esqr
Andw. Muir
A Mungle
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Stat. Acct. 1845
010 About 1 1/4 miles S.E. by E. from West Calder. Formerly called Hayfield
A commodious mansion, two stories high, situated in a well-wooded and ornamental park, about half a mile from the Harburn Station on the Caledonian Railway. It is of modern erection, substantially bu[ilt] and well supplied with water, [it] is conveyed by means of pipes fro[m] a spring at Harburnhead about half a mile distant. It is also supplied with gas from a [?sens...] coal gas work on the estate. Ther[e] is a neat garden and farm stead[ing] attached to this property. Pres[ent] proprietor:- Jas. Cochrane Esq Situation. Fifteen miles W from Ed[inburgh.]
MONUMENT [Harburn] Monument
Jas Cochrane Esq.
Andw. Muir
010 About 1 1/4 miles S.E. by E. from West Calder Within the demesne stands a monument composed of a cylindrical pillar about 12 feet high and 1 foot 4 inches in diameter, surmounted by a stone globe of the same diameter as the pedestal. It bears the following inscription "Ch. Xth. of France stood on this spot when he was last at Harburn, 3d. Sept. 1832' It was erected by Mr. Young a former proprietor of the estate.

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