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CASTLE GREG Camilty Hill
Camilty Hill
Castle Greg
Castle Greg
John Kerr
John Watson
Stat. Acct. [statistical Account] 1845
See Plan 16.B.
010 [Situation] About 2 1/2 miles W.S.W. [West South West] from Cairns Castle Inn.
A large arable eminence on the farm of "Camilty" on its summit is a Trig. [Trigonometrical] station.
Crosswood Burn
Crosswood Burn
John Kerr
John Watson
County map
010 [Situation] Runng [Running] N. [North] on the E [east] side of Camilty Moss.
A small stream having its source on the farm of Middle Crosswoo [Crosswood] flowing in a northerly direction past Camilty farm house from whence it is called "Linhouse Water" See Rae Burn Page 20 - It is understood from this description and also the Descriptive remarks on Linhouse Water, page 15 that the junction of the names is at Camilty Bridge - the names are arranged accordingly on the plan - See remark No. 1 on plan - [Initialled] AMO 5th October 1852.
Kelly Syke
William Kerr
John Watson
010 [Situation] About 1 1/2 Miles S.W. by W. [South West by West] from Cairns Castle Inn.
A small stream having its source on the farm of Wes [West] Colzium flowing in a northe [northerly] direction and falling into "Whitelea Burn"

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That portion of Description of Crosswood Burn beginning with the words "See Rae Burn" is written in a different hand. A further entry in pencil has been written over, or more likely under, this portion but is not decipherable.

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