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OLIVER'S MOUND Oliver's Mound Rev. [Reverend] Mr Beveridge Inveresk Manse
Mr McNab Teacher Borough [---]
An oblong earthen mound or rampart in the North west end of Inveresk Church Yard, said to have been erected by Cromwell when he held this place, a great many people of intelligence reprobate this statement, and consider it a remnant of the old Roman fossa which surrounded the Praetorium The present Minister informs me that in sinKing a grave at its south base a superior specimen of a Roman Vase was disinterred and however that Oliver Cromwell may have used it as a rampart to protect his artillery. its erection appears to have been long anterior to his day. At the close of the last century there were two More [---] Mounds (one within the demesne of InveresK House, which is now levelled & in maKing the improvements to the floor & walls of it a Roman stash were come upon.

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Oliver's Mound [note]
I see in the statistical
acct [account] that this [was]
called [Desse's Wark]
this is not so [in]
present day.

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This Name Book refers to Musselburgh 1853 - Sheet 11
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