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CHAPEL OF OUR LADY OF LORETTO and HERMITAGE (Remains of) [continued from page 31] Chapel, they would get an easy and safe deliverance it happened that the Lady of Cleish Wife of Robert
Colville, sent her servant with the customery present, her husband who began to see the foolishness of such a superstitious practice, when he heard of it posted after the servant to prevent the offering, but did not over take him, until he arrived in Musselburgh, where he found nearly the whole of the surrounding Country, Convened to see a miracle performed by the priest of Loretto. at the hour appointed a blind man (to all appearance) was led forward on a scaffold erected for the purpose, and after a few ceremonies performed, the man received his Sight. He
immediately decended from the scaffold when the people flocked around him, and gave him
money, The Laird of Cleish observing all that occurred and being a little sceptical respecting the miracle or the priests' power to perform one, Came to the conclusion to find out whether it was true or not, therefore he put himself in the way of the once blind but now clear sighted man, and gave him money liberally, at the same time hired him into his service, on arriving in Edinbro' [Edinburgh] at his Lodgings, the Laird took his new servant into his own chamber and closed the door firmly after him, he then drew his sword giving the fellow a most fierce look
and said, "thow Villian and deceiver of the people of God, tell me the truth of what I am going to ask you, or I will cut off your head, for I am a magistrate appointed by God to do justice, and I am assured that all the Priests, Friers, nor even the Pope himself arranged [continued on page 33]

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This Name Book refers to Musselburgh 1853 - Sheet 09
OS large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 - Scale: 1:1056

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