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CHAPEL OF OUR LADY OF LORETTO and HERMITAGE (Remains of) [continued from page 32] to perform a miracle, therefore thou, and they, are deceivers, tell me truly have you been born or ever have been blind, or with this sword, I will presently put you to death," trembling and astonished, the poor man cried, O, Sir spare my life, and I will tell you the truth, and thereby make Known there Knavery, "When I was a young lad, I was a herd and Kept the Sisters of the Sciennes sheep, and in my pastime, I used to flip the lids of my eyes, so that any body would have thought I was blind, the sisters saw me do it, (and laughed) after which the Kirkmen came from Edinbro' [Edinburgh] to see me, and caused me to play the same pavie turning My Eye lids and white of My Eyes up, They then ordered the Nuns to get another lad to Keep their Sheep, and to confine me in one of their vaults, and so sir I was Kept and fed in one of their vaults, for the space of seven years. Then Sir they brought me out and caused me to swear a great oath that I would feign myself blind and they put a person to lead me through the Country, that I might beg as a blind man, this I have never revealed before, not even to my leader," He then played his pavie before the Laird walking up and down as if blind, "Now that you have glorified God, in revealing the impositions, of these villians and deceivers the
KirKmen, and Nuns, you must go to the Cross on tomorrow, and make it Known to the people and I shall stand by yourside, with sword in hand, that no violence may be done to you, [continued on page 34]

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This Name Book refers to Musselburgh 1853 - Sheet 09
OS large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 - Scale: 1:1056

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