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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
EAST BAR T.P. East Bar T. P. Table of Tolls.
Valuation Roll.
Thos. Hamilton, Inspector of Poor.
024.06 This is the East Toll Bar of Stonehouse, on the Edinburgh and Ayr T. P. Road. The name as "East Bar" should, in this and the West Toll Bar, be retained. (see description of west bar on trace 6 xx1v-5.)
TOWNEND WELL Townend Well Thos. Hamilton, Inspector of Poor.
James Thomson, Lockart Street.
Wm. Bar, Kirk Street.
Revd. H. Dewar.
024.06 An open spring well having a public foot path leading to it from "Lockart Street". The F. Path passes under a house of Lockart Street buy a passage, or close. It (the well) stands in a public bleaching green given by J. S. Lockart to the town of Stonehouse. The name of the well is generally known.

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Avon Water See Name Sheet of Hamilton Parish XX1V-6 trace 1

See name sheet of the Parishes of Glasford and Hamilton.

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