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Shettleston (Continued) "After due intimation by direction of the Lords of Council & Session to them given: And it is farther enacted (Sect: [Section] 6th) And whereas, in some large & populous parishes, which it may be considered necessary or proper to divide into two or more parishes, there are a number of poor persons the greater portion of whom reside in or near the same locality, such locality being sometimes the least wealthy, whereby the particular
territorial division of such large & populous parish, which would be most expedient & advantageous in other respects, would operate injuriously or unjustly if each of the new parishes into which it may be divided were left to provide from its own resources for that portion of the poor of the original parish resident within the territory of such new parish: be it enacted that it shall be lawful for the said Lords of Council & Session, to declare & provide that notwithstanding such division or disjunction, the original parish & the several new or separate parishes thereby erected within the bounds thereof, shall, in so far as regards the support and management of the poor, & all matters connected therewith, remain & be regarded as one parish." There are large quantities of coal in the parish. The principal villages are Shettleston & Tollcross. There is an Est: Ch: [Established Church], A Free Ch: [Church]; A U. P. [United Presbyterian] Church. a R. C. [Roman Catholic] Chapel, & a Convent at Dalbeth, in this Parish. There are two Barony Parochial Schools besides others.

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Inverted commas are present at the beginning of each line of the quotation of the Act, until the end of the quotation is marked by inverted commas.
The word "Barony" in the final sentence is underlined.

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