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SHETTLESTON [parish] Shettleston Parish Shettleston Parish Shettleston Parish Shettleston Parish Shettleston Parish Shettleston Parish Summons of Erection & Disjunction J. Robertson Poor Law Inspector Revd. J. Leckie Andrew Garrand, Schoolmaster R. Law, Ferndean Sheriff's Returns 006; 007; 010 A Parish erected & disjoined from the Barony Parish of Glasgow in 1846. It was the first Parish erected in Scotland, under the provisions of the Act 7th & 8th Victoria, Cap: [Chapter] 44, entitled. "An Act to facilitate the disjoining or dividing of extensive or populous parishes, & the erecting of new parishes in that part of the United Kingdom called Scotland; and it is farther enacted, (Sect [Section] 4th) That if in Any process for disjoining or dividing a parish, it shall be shewn, to the satisfaction of the Lords of our Council & Session, that there is already built & in good repair, a Church or place of Worship suitable for the church of the new parish proposed to be erected, & capable of being lawfully appropriated to that purpose, whereby the expense of a new or additional church will not be incurred by the Heritors, & that the titulars, or others having right to the tiends out of which is to be paid not less than three fourths of the additional Stipend or stipends, to be modified by reason of such disfunction or division, have consented thereto, or have stated no objections thereto

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[Page] 1 Lanarkshire Shettleston Parish

Note. __ There is not any portion of the Parish of Shettleston detached within any other Parish, nor is there any portion of any other Parish contained within the boundary of this Parish, N H

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