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Estate Map
Valuation Roll
James Murdoch, Factor
007.05 A good Farm steading the property of G, Miller Esq.
Gartcraig Bridge
Gartcraig Bridge
Canal Co's [Company's] Map
J. Miller Canal Superintendent
Matthew Thomson, Lock manager
007.05 A wood Bridge over the Monkland Canal, commonly called in the neighbourhood "Jessie's Bridge". This Bridge is simply made, being supported on the sides by buttresses of stone, made to the level of the road on both sides of the canal. Boats having masts could not pass under, the distance from the water to the arch not being above ten feet.
Monkland Canal
Monkland Canal
Monkland Canal
Gazetteer of Scotland
Rules & Bye Laws
J. Milne Canal Supt. [Superintendent]
Matthew Thompson, Lock manager
007.05 "An Artificial navigable Canal between the City of Glasgow & the district of Monkland in Lanarkshire. It commences in the northern suburbs of Glasgow, or rather is prolonged westward there into junction at Port Dundas with the Glasgow Branch of the Forth & Clyde canal. It sends off four branches - one about a mile in length to calder ironworks, near Airdrie, in New Monkland Ph [Parish]; one about a mile in length to Gartsherrie Ironworks; one about 1/4 mile in length to Dundyven Iron Works; & one also about 1/4 mile in length to Langloan Iron Works, all in the Ph [Parish] of Old Monkland. This canal is only navigable to Boats without masts. The Bridges on it being immovable. There is a swinging Bridge at Netherhouse in Old Monkland. At Blackhill in Sprigburn Ph [Parish] there are four double Locks by which an ascent of 96 feet was got over.

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VII-5 Trace 4 [Situation for Gartcraig]
VII-5 Trace 4 [Situation for Gartcraig Bridge]
VII-5 Trace 4 [Situation for Monkland Canal]

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