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River Nethan
River Nethan
Nethan Water
Rev A McNaughton
Mr D. Campbell
Mr J Blair
Forrests County Map
031 A river which runs the entire length of the Ph [Parish] of Lesmahagow taking its rise on the S. [South] side of a hill named Nutberry at the Southern extremity of the Ph [Parish] and joining the Clyde at the village of Crossford. Its banks are generally wooded - bed rocky - passes the village of Lesmahagow and through several large bridges, one of these - a railway viaduct of 130 ft in height and a short distance before its final junction with the Clyde flows past at the base of a line of cliffs - freestone - which reach the elevation of 300 ft.

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Ph [Parish] of Lesmahagow [in header]

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River Nethan. No entry appears in the column headed Situation, although the pre-populated entry 031 correctly indicates the map sheet on which it is depicted.

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