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The Principal buildings are
the Parish Ch[urch] occupying a
prominent position nearly
in the centre of the town - the
other noticeable buildings are
the Clydesdale Hotel (the principal
inn and the property of a Co[mpany]
of Shareholders. The beautiful
building erected by the Commercial
bank and the Co[mpany] buildings
containing the Co[mpany] offices in front
and a jail for the upper ward
behind) amongst the buildings
which have been erected subsequent
to the year 1856 are the Roman Catholic
Chapel a splendid building
containing 3 altars and a
belfry 100 feet high. it is
remarkable for its beauty as
a religious building. there is
also an Episcopal Chapel
which has been very recently built
a handsome chaste building
also - S[ain]t Leonards (Quad Sacra)
Church is a handsome modern
building having a spire about
100 feet high

The Burgh is governed by a
Provost 3 bailies and 11 councillors:
A Burgh Court is held by the magistrate
for the town and Sheriff Courts.
and Justice of the Peace Courts are
held by the County Authorities for
the upper ward of the County.

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