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Lanarkshire -- Lamington and Wandel Parish

Track of Roman Road continued - Camps on the east side of this road, and Urns etc have been found near it on the West side. (See Plans 43C 9 & 13.) This road passes by Cold Chapel, Dikefoot, Gateside, Causeway House, and Old Wandel Mill, at present it can not be traced farther than Causeway House, as the ground north of this, on the line of the road, has been cultivated, and all trace of the road obliterated, but there is an old Bridge over Wandel Burn near Old Wandel Mill which is on the line of the old Road and the tenant of the farm is bound by stipulation in his lease to keep this bridge in repair. (See Plan 43). Mr. Haddow the present tenant of Cold Chapel, supposes that the Roman Road was on the line as indicated by the yellow dotted line on Traces 3 & 6, Plan 43.9, and bases his supposition on the fact of large stones having from time to time been turned up by the plough, and the ground on this line being harder on the sole of the plough than it is in any other part of the field. From a, on Trace Plan 43-9 to Causeway House, the old Road is supposed to be on the line of the Roman Road. The road which leads from Causeway House on to the present Trust Road near Wandel Mill is of Modern construction. From Causeway House northwards in this parish, there is no trace or tradition of any old road which is supposed to be on the line of the Roman Road, except near Loanhead on the South side of Hawmoor Plantation, (See Plan 39-12.) here an old Road, which is a Drove Loan, can be trace through the uncultivated ground, this road is seldom used but it is said that it cannot be closed, and a passage has to be left through the stone wall which here forms the boundary between the Parishes of Culter, and Lamington and

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