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Lanarkshire -- Lamington and Wandel Parish

Track of Roman Road continued - town of Biggar, a great number of old encampments remain in what may be called a fair state of preservation. Most of them are of a circular form; but some few are square or oblong, and have all the appearance of Roman castella. Of these we may notice, for instance, one at Whitehill, at the north-east extremity of Lamington parish." (See Plan 39.12) "Its area measures 70 by 40 yards, and is surrounded by a ditch 15 feet wide. Near it are two others somewhat similar, but smaller in size; while another oblong fort is to be seen at Hartside in the same parish." (See S.W. [South West] side of Devonshaw Hill Plan 43.2.) "Indeed, from all that can be observed, this seems to have been a well defended district, both under its Celtic and Roman occupants". (Caledonia Romana P.236 & 237.)
"Watling Street, as it has been called, entered the parish near to the base of Arbory hill, and passed Cauldchapel and Wandell-mill, where it may still be traced; but farther down than this it cannot be followed with certainty. An urn was not long ago, dug up by the plough near Cauldchapel, and several more are reported to have been discovered near Wandell-mill at the time the present high road was made about seventy years ago." (New Stat Act [Statistical Account] P.818.)
After passing through the Raggen Gill in Crawford Ph. [Parish] it is supposed by the Minister of the parish, the Revd [Reverend] C Hope, that the Roman Road entered the parish of Lamington near the base of Arbory Hill; there is an old road at this place which was formerly the Mail Road between Carlisle and Glasgow, when the present farm buildings of Cold Chapel was used as an Inn and post house, there are three

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In the 4th row of quote from the New Statistical Account, there is an a & a symbol at Wandel-mill - this refers to a note at the side saying "Could not meet with any person who knows any thing about these. B.R."

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