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CHURCH [Rutherglen] Church
Rev P. Brown
Rev James Munroe
010.03 A plain built edifice erected about 70 years ago, partly on the site of a very ancient structure of which the Steeple or Belfry (that is detached a little east of the present Church) are the only remains now left (See common Trace for Steeple)
The Church is fitted up with pews capable of containing about 800 persons.
MANSE [parish, Rutherglen] Manse Rev P. Brown Ph [Parish] Minister, occupier 010.03 A fine dwelling house having offices and a garden attached.
QUEEN STREET [Rutherglen] Queen Street Corner Tickets 006.03 A short Street leading from Main St to King Street
ST MARY'S CHURCH (Remains of) [Rutherglen] 010.03 "The Church, with its cemetery, stood in the midst of the town. It was dedicated to the Virgin". Orig. [Origin ?] Parochailas Scotiae.
"The parish Church of Rutherglen, which stands in the middle of the town is a very ancient structure"
The old Church with the burying ground, nearly in the middle of which it was situated, exhibited a beautiful example of a Druidical temple with its groves and trees. "It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was 62 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 20 feet high" The Church was rebuilt in 1794. Chalmers Caledonia 856.3 and New Statistical Account
STEEPLE [Rutherglen] 010.03 "The steeple still remains at about the same distance from the new Church as it did from the old" Chalmers Caledonia 856.3 and New Statistical Account
VICTORIA PLACE [Rutherglen] Victoria Place Corner Tickets 010.03 A short Street leading from Main Street to King Street.

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