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RUTHERGLEN CASTLE (Site of) Site of Castle
Site of Castle
Rutherglen Castle
Rutherglen Castle
Rev M. Munroe
Rev P. Brown
Ful. [Fularton's ?] Gazetteer of Scotland
Origines Parochials Scotiae
010.04 A Castle or Stronghold once stood in, or about the centre of this garden as shewn on trace. "It was considered one of the ancient Strongholds of the Kingdom in the struggle between Bruce and Baliol. It fell into the hands of the English and was besieged by Bruce in 1309. It was kept in good repair till a short time after the Battle of Langside, when it was burned by orders of the Regent Moray from revenge on the family of Hamilton." Ful. Gazatteer.
The castle of Rutherglen was an early residence of the Scotch Kings. Several of William's charters are dated there. It was of strength and ranked among the important fortresses of the Kingdom. It fell into the hands of Edward I during the war of succession; was besieged by Bruce, and taken by his brother Edward in 1313.
Orig. [Origines] Par. [Parochials] Scotiae
WARDLAWHILL STREET [Rutherglen] Wardlawhill Street Corner Tickets 010.04 A street leading easterly off Stonelaw Street. extending about 7 Chains.

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