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CASTLE STREET [Rutherglen] Castle Street
Castle Street
Corner Tickets 010.04 A narrow Street branching northerly off Main Street
GREENHILL ROAD [Rutherglen] Greenhill Road
formerly Dins Dykes
Corner Tickets 010.04 An old road leading in a westerly direction from Stonelaw Street, and terminating at Mill Street.
The Rev P. Brown and Mr Maxwell, Burgh Auditor, both say that they have heard, in their young days, of this road being named Dins Dykes. It may have passed the gas works and communicated with the Factory Lane which is the road that is poplarly believed, that Queen Mary took in her retreat from the Battle of Langside. The above are the only two authorities I can get to give me any information about Dins Dikes - See Description of "Dins Dikes" in Name Sheets of X.4 1/2500 scale
HAMILTON ROAD [Rutherglen] Hamilton Road Corner Tickets 010.04 A road or street leading in a south easterly direction from the east end of Main Street to Wardlaw Street
STONELAW STREET [Rutherglen] Stonelaw Street Corner Tickets 010.04 A Street branching southerly off the east end of Main Street. extending about 9 chains
UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH [Rutherglen] U.P. [United Presbyterian] Church Church Officer 010.04 A plain oblong building the interior of which is fitted up with pews sufficiently commodious for about 900 persons

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Greenhill Road. The entry under Spelling "formerly Dins Dykes" is very faint pencil and may have been intended to be erased. That portion transcribed in Description beginning with words "The Rev P. Brown" is spread across the Authority and Situation columns, but has been transcribed as Description for clarity.

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