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Header: [Page] 56 Co. Lanark Dalziel Parish.
(Camp Continued from page 55) slightly exaggerated on trace in order to shew it, the fall being on the inside, next to the side of the little road leading to the house, not more than from 1 to 3 feet & the outer side having so very slight an incline as to be barely perceptible. A row of trees have been planted on the ramp, which appears to have continued on the north side of the railway to join with the remains of the ditch shown on trace at the north of the houses. This ditch (north of the houses) is deeper & wider than the remains of the east & south defences, but it appears to have been much meddled with, being now used for refuse & for which it may have been altered. No authority can be found know whether this is or not a portion of the remains of the camp. The side next to the river would have been naturally defended by the banks. The interior of the camp is now a {Yard} having the Lesmahagow Railway running through the centre & on the south side of which there is the house mentioned in Statistical Account as having been built by the proprietor to perpetuate the memory of the camp. There is a bartizan on the top of it and on the east side there is an inscription in Latin a little defaced by time.

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