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CAMP [nr Roman Bridge] Camp (Remains of)
Camp (Remains of)
Camp (Remains of)
Camp (Remains of)
Camp (Remains of)
Camp (Remains of);
New Statistical Account
Chalmers Caledonia
Captain Hamilton M.P.
John Christie Steward
Reverend Joseph Loudon Parish Minister
Alexander Whamond Parish Schollmaster
William Cassels Gardener
018.01 "There were two camps in this parish. One was situated on a steep bank of the Calder, near the Roman Bridge, and about 70 years ago was pretty entire. The other was in the centre of the parish, on the top of a steep bank of the Clyde. parts of the ditch are here still traceable. To perpetuate the memory of this camp, the proprietor, about a century ago, built a summer house with a bartizan on the top of it." New Statistical Account.
"We find another Roman station on the east bank of the River Clyde below the church of Dalziel" Chalmers Caledonia.
The remains of this camp are much defaced and the mound at the south is about the most perfec tremaining. It is between 5 or 6 feet in height above the level of the ground on each side of it & there is no trace left of the ditch either on the inside or the outside. The continuation of this rampart is barely traceable on the east side by a very gradual incline falling outwardly to a track similar to that of a small stream. This side as well as the inner, has been (continued on page 56)

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Note: "In the Parish of Dalziel, to the eastwards of Hamilton, there formerly existed two Roman forts , or camps of small size; one of these on a steep bank of the Clyde, near the centre of the parish and the otheroverlooking the so called "Roman Bridge" which crosses the "South Calder"about a mile and a half above the village of Bothwell; some traces of former still exist , but of the latter every vestige is gone. " Caledonia Romana ?239

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