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GARION BRIDGE Garion Bridge and Toll House.
J. Christis, Road Surveyor.
J. Litster, Hamilton Palace.
New Statistical Account.
Jm. Pender, Tollkeeper.
Table of Tolls.
Forest's Co. Maps
018.11 A stone bridge of three arches over the river clyde, on the line of the Edinburgh and Ayr turn pike road. By an inscription on the toll house the following information is given, "In testimony of respect and gratitude" "to gent, in J. Stewart Denham of Coltness, and Westshield. Bt. In whose patriotie yeal for the improvement of his country this bridge originated; and by whole liberal contributions united with those of Mrs Catherine Binnie Mitchelson of Broomhill, and the Revd. J. Scott d.d. Minister of Avondale, it was happily completed in the year 1817, at a time when there was no safe passage across the clyde from Lanark to Bothwell. The other Contributors erected this tablet."
Inscription on Toll House
TOLL [Garion Bridge] 018.11

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