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Tower of Lindsay or Crawford Castle continued:-

It is stated by some of the elder villagers that the Castle was in much better condition about thirty years ago, so much so, that the country people held balls and had other amusements in some of the apartments. Tower Lindsay, as mentioned in the Old and New Statistical accounts as having existed previous to the present Castle, is considered by the Minister of the Parish, who gave the information for the New Statistical
Account, to be either a part of the present building or that the present Castle is built on the site of Tower Lindsay, He also states ...

Note from Origines Parochiales Scotiae :

"Notice of the castle of Crawford is found so early as between the years of 1175 and 1178. It is described by Wishaw at the beginning of the last century as a square court with much lodging in it, lying upon the River Clyde, just opposite to the Kirk and town of Crauford. It had its hereditary captain or constable." (Origines Parochiales Scotiae P.170).

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