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Crawford Castle continued:-

Three stones in the garden of the farm of Castle Mains which were taken from the ruins of the Castle. The largest bears the inscription, 1649, with Armorial bearings, which the minister states to be those of the Earl of Selkirk and built into the Castle when it was repaired in that year. The other two are much smaller and bear no dates but seem to be, from their appearance, much older than the other. A sketch of the inscriptions on the stones will be found on the margin of this trace.

Charter continued:-

"between the burn of Powtrail and the Water of Daer, at the southern extremity of the parish, on condition that they should cause each of the Chapels of Saint Thomas the Martyr beside the castle of Crawford, and of Saint Lawrence the Martyr at the Byr (apparently in East Lothian) to be served by one monk or secular priest and should uphold the buildings and appointments of the chapels." (Origines Parociales Scotiae, P.164).

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