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River Clyde

River Clyde
Robert Monteith Esq:
Revd. [Reverend] William Struthers . minister
Mr John Murray Schoolmaster
Forrest's County Map dated 1816
Johnston's County Map
026.13 The Clyde which forms the Southern Boundary of the Parish dividing it from Pettinain Parish flows in a Westerly direction through rich holm lands x x x During the lapse of ages the Clyde has often changed its Course in this neighbourhood a former channel of no very recent date is still to be seen on the property of WestbanK _ This channel at present has the appearance of a Winding lake so overgrown in some parts with reeds & marshy Grass as to have Consolidated into a sward Capable of being Cut by the scythe, (or) the mower to ensure a better footing fastening flat boards to his feet. after the fashion of the Esquimause snow shoe.
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