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from Glasgow. It is bounded on the South by the River Clyde, which separates it from Pettinain "on the West, by Lanark; on the North and North West, by Carluke and Cambusnethan; and on the "East, by Carnwath. The extreme length may be reckoned at 6 miles from North to South, and the
average breadth about 3 miles. It contains about 18 1/2 Square miles, or .. Imperial acres Embosomed amid forest Scenery. and on a bank sloping gradually towards the Clyde stands Carst [airs] House, a magnificent modern Mansion in the Gothic style, the seat of Henry Monteith, Esq. the principal heritor and patron of the Parish. There are only two rivers of any note in the parish, the Clyde, which forms the Southern Boundary, and the Mouse, which traverses the centre of the Parish, flowing Westward.
Near Carstairs church were found the remains of a bath. Besides pots, dishes, and instruments of war, (as) well as those used in sacrifice. there have been found coins bearing the inscription of M. [Marcus] Aurelius. M. Antoninus, Trajanus Imperator, etc. some of which were sent by the late Mr. Fullerton to the society of Antiquaries, and to the University of Glasgow. In 1820, there were found underneath the Stone dyke th[at] encloses the South West part of the Glebe, a cannon bullet ten feet below the surface, embedded among the rubbish of old buildings, and close by it, a floor of considerable dimensions, laid with large smooth pavem... [pavements?] also a gable with of immense thickness, built with large Massy Stones. In 1838, there were found upo[n] the side of a reclaimed Moss, turned up with a hoe, 36 Silver coins, neatly packed in a Cow's hoof, having one side "Civitas London", and, on the other, a man's face with the incription "Edw. [Edward] Reg. Aug. The bullet [and] the greater number of Coins are now in the Possession of Henry Monteith Esq.
The population of the parish in 1831 amounted to 981. the increase since has not been great"
There is no Market town in the Parish, the nearest are those of Lanark and [the above taken from] Statistical Account 184[5]
Carnwath, the first, 4, and the other 2 1/2 miles distant from the Church.
There are two Villages in the Parish, Viz Carstairs, and Ravenstruther, the former Contains the Manse parish Church and School and the latter a private school. The Church was rebuilt in 1794, and is [orna] mented with a Spire and Clock. It affords 430 sittings, all of which are divided among the heritors and again subdivided among the tenants. It is surrounded with a burial ground. There are two Inns in the Parish "Carstairs Junction Hotel", and "Commercial Inn", The turnpike road from Lanark to Edinburgh by Carnwath, [as] well as that by Wilsontown, and turnpike road from Glasgow to Peebles all pass through this Parish.
There is a library in the Village of Carstairs containing about 350 Volumes.

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