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CARSTAIRS [parish] Castleterres, or

Carstaires, or
Carstares, or

Charters of the twelfth & thirteenth

Documents subsequent to 12th or 13th Centuries

Statistical Account
Johnston's County Map
Forrest's County Map
The Revd. [Reverend] William Struthers Minister
Robert Monteith Esq.
Mr. John Murray
019; 020; 025; 026 [Situation]
In the East and near the Centre of the County of Lanark

"The etymology of the name of this parish is "involved in some uncertainty. In Charters of the 12th "and 13th Centuries, the name appears in the form of "Castleterres or Castletarres; and in documents subse-"quent to that date, in the form of Carstaires, Carstares, and "Carstairs. The prefix Car, or Caer, in the old, "British language, signified a fort, or walled place, "or Castle, and is thus synonymous with the other "prefix Castle; so that both forms of the name have the "same meaning. The affix Stairs or Stair, anciently "Staer or Ster, denoted and estate or possession "Adopting this etymology, the meaning of the whole is"An extate, or possession, where there is an enclosed or fortified place;" "and local circumstances seem "to sanction its correctness". The notion that Stair is a "term derived from the ridges on the West side of the "Church, is evidently fanciful. Nothing can be argued, " in favour of this etymology from the addition of the " final s. Such an addition to words which do "not require it, is a thing quite common among the " illiterate of our country, and the name appears of " more Ancient date than these ridges, which seem, " like those at Newlands and Strathaven, of an "Artificial character".
"In form the Parish is an irregular oblong, si-"tuated on the right bank of the Clyde, at the distance " of 27 miles West from Edinburgh, and 25 miles East from

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Parish of Carstairs

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