List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
ACADEMY SQUARE [Holytown] Academy Square Academy Square Corner Ticket J. Neilsen Esqr. 012.05 "Academy Square" forms an Oblong, not complete on the north east side, and applies to all the houses, from the school, which is the origin of the name, to the houses forming the side of "Arnet St." [Street] in the west. The row of houses on the north of the Square are entered from the inside, or south, and the name wholly belongs to it as part of the "Square", and cannot therefore be considered in any way connected with the name of those houses called "Main Street".
MAIN STREET [Holytown] Main Street Main Street Corner Ticket J. Neilsen Esqr. Manager 012.05 A name written to a two story row of workmen's dwellings at "Mossend," on the north side of the Edinburgh & Glasgow T.P. [Turnpike] Road near the south east corner of "Marion Street." This name should not be written in Street character as, though called a "street", the row is the only house, or houses, at "Mossend", which fronts the main road through the village. (See "Academy Square" - description "Main St. [Street] belongs only to the house row to which it is written on Trace.

Transcriber's notes

In the first sentence of the entry of the "Description remarks" on Academy Street, the word "Square" which is in the text after the word "Oblong", has been completely scored out.
In the final sentence, in the phrase "part of the Square", the word "Square" is underlined.

In the second sentence of the "Description remarks" for Main Street, in the phrase, "though called a "street", the word "street" is underlined. In the final sentence, "belongs", "house" and "row to which" are all underlined.

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