List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CENTRE STREET [Holytown] Centre Street Same as above 012.05 "Centre Street" forms one side of a row of houses, which is entered from "Marion St." by a lane or road (Watt Street) about, the middle of "Marion Street". The name only applies to where it is written on Trace -the east side of a row of dwellings. The houses east of "Centre Street" belong to "Marion Street".
MARION STREET [Holytown] Marion Street
Marion Street
Corner Ticket
J. Neilson Esqr. Manager
012.05 This name applies to the Street/houses which runs northwards from the T. P. [Turnpike] Road, fromwhich point to the north end, when the houses are built nearly at right angles to the Street, the name applies. The Road of this Street is private except to the occupiers to whom it must be considered Public.
SCHOOL [Holytown] School
J. Neilson Esqr.
G. Elliott, Teacher Muirmadkin School
012.05 A new and handsome School house erected by the Proprietor of Monkland Iron Works for the use of the workmens children. It is not yet completed in building, & a Teacher has not been appointed.

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