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URR WATER J. Crosbie Esq. Holmhead, Corsock
Robert Douglas Blackhills Corsock
025 A considerable stream having its source in Loch Urr and flowing in a southerly direction to its influx into the Solway Frith [Firth] at the eastern side of Heston [Hestan] Island about equidistant between the Dee and Nith Receiving in its course many tributaries all inconsiderable except Kirkgunzeon [Bune] which has a run of about 10 or 11 miles With the exception of nearly a mile where it cuts off a small portion of Urr parish it is throughout a boundary line having Dunscore (here it divides the shires of Dumfries & Kirkcudbright) Kirkpatrick-Durham Urr & Colvend on the E. [East] Balmaclellan Parton Crossmichael and Buittle on the W [West]. About 4 ¼ Miles before its influx into the Solway it begins to expand into an estuary And at its embouchure between Heston [Hestan] Island and a headland on the E. [East] it has a breadth of nearly 2 miles. It is naturally
managable for considerable craft for 3 miles above its incipient expansion or 7 1/4 above its embouchure Salmon are caught in considerable quantities in wet Summers but in dry seasons, sea-fish can get little higher than the flow of the tide. This stream from its source to its influx has a length of about 26 miles at first flowing thro' a wild country and over irregular channel but eventually (at Corsock) beginning to show some thickets of natural wood and thriving plantation along its banks which give it a picturesque & pleasing appearance

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List of Names collected by William Rewan c/a [civilian assistant] -- 1st Examiner -- [page] 73
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Urr Water - a stream

[Signed] William Rewan c a [civilian assistant] March 2nd 1850

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