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UPPER CORSOCK J. Crosbie Esq. Holmhead [Corsock]
Robert Douglas Blackhills [...]
025 The ruins of a mansion house and extensive offices attached was a farm of land non-annexed to Hallcroft This is the ruin mentioned in Stat. [Statistical] Acct. [Account] (1845) as an old castle, but from what remains now there is no reason to say that it was a castle or place of strength the walls being only of moderate thickness the inner side & middle of the wall filled up with clay mortar, the outer pointed with lime. Neither is there any [standing], as most of the stones have been carted away for other purposes [&] improvements
Note. Wodrow in Hist. [History] of the church) states that in 1666 it was the [...]
and residence of Robert Nelson and calls it the „House of Corsack“

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[Page] 74 -- List of Names collected by William Rewan c/a [civilian assistant] -- 1st Examiner
Plan 25C Trace 6

Upper Corsock - Ruins

[Signed] William [Rewan] March 2nd 18[...]

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