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The Kairn of Mathers The Kaim of Mathers
The Kaim of Mathers
The Kaim of Mathers
Mr William Thompson
Mr John Anderson
New Stat Acct p 280 [New Statistical Account page 280]
027.07 "The Kaim of Mathers, or camp of Mathers, so called from its situation on the lands of Mathers, is a ruin on a rocky and almost inaccessible peninsula overlooking the sea, about a mile and a half Southward of the house of Lauriston. The isthmus Connecting the rock with the main land, was guarded by two rows of battlements, one of which still remains in a state of considerable preservation. There are traces of building around the greater part of the rock, and on its Seaward extremity there are the remains of a square tower, which can only be approached by a leap over a chasm of 60 feet in depth. This place is supposed to have been the residence of certain of the ancestors of Mr Barclay of Ury, and to have been used as a place of retreat by one of that family in the time of James I. The tradition respecting it is connected with the Story of the death of Melville, Sheriff of the Mearns, and appears from Sir Walter Scott to have had some foundation in fact."(New Stat Act [Statistical Account] P. [Page] 280)
"Hard by the fall of the Stream of Woodston on the E. [East] stands the Kame of Mathers, the ancient residence of the Barclays. This Kame is built on a peninsular rock whose base is washed by the Sea. A small part of the ruins of this ancient building now remains. It must undoubtedly have been a place of great strength. The access to it is by a narrow and almost impassable isthmus. The rock on which it stands is perpendicular and its height above the sea 60 feet." (Old Stat. Act. Vol II P.102) [Old Statistical Account Volume II page 102]

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