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Site of Church Site of Church
Site of Church
Site of Church
Mr William Thompson St Cyrus
Mr John Anderson St Cyrus
Old Stat Acct [Statistical account] Vol ll p. 105
027.10 'About 160 years ago the Church of Ecclesgreig stood below the Heughs of St Cyrus on the Shore nigh the mouth of the North Esk. The church yard there still continues and is used as a burying ground by the parish in general."
Near the churchyard the sea, in Conflux with the varying course of the river, discovered some years ago the walls of a house, that had been from time immemorial, entirely buried under the Sand, From its dimensions, internal divisions, and situation , it was undoubtedly the residence of the ministers in ancient times. (Old Stat. Act [Statistical Account] Vol. II P [Page] 105)
"The Church of St Cyrus or Ecclesgreig (i.e. St Gregory's Church), was dedicated to St Cyr, whose remains were interred in the old churchyard by the sea side.The Church was given to St Andrews by Bishop Richard, and the chapel which was inscribed to St Laurenceand stood at Chapeltown of Laurieston was in the same diocese." (Land of the Lindsays P 321)
"No such remains of ancient architecture as those in Angus are to be met within the Mearns, indeed with the exception of a Priory, which is recorded to have stood at Ecclesgreig, or St Cyrus, and to have been ancient in the days of King William the Lion, there is no trace even in history of any convent in the Mearns." (Memorials of Angus & Mearns p.27)

The site of this Priory, if it did exist, cannot now be ascertained.

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