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St John's Well St John's Well
St John's Well
St John's Well
G, Taylor Esqr (Kirktonhill)
New Stat Act [Statistical Account]
Old Stat Act [Statistical Account]
026.04 "There is also at Balmano a fine Spring well Called St John's Well, which in antient times was held in great estimation. Numbers who thought its water of a Sanative quality, brought their rickety children to be washed in its stream. Its water was likewise thought a sovereign remedy for sore eys which by frequent washing was supposed to cure them." (Old Stat Act [Statistical Account] Vol. [Volume] 18 Page 631.)
"Close to the mansion house of Balmanno is a very fine spring known formerly it would seem by the name of 'St John's Well', the water of which in a more Superstitious age, was held to be of peculiar potency in curing diseases." (New Stat Act [Statistical Account] Page 299)

Continued entries/extra info

Parish of Marykirk

"At Balmaleedie, not far from the
village there is a Spring of the Chaly-
beate kind, and nearer to Marykirk
on the Edge of the Burn. there is another,
both much impregnated with mineral
Substance and which have been
not a little characterised and re
commended by physicians of great eminence. The former, which is supposed lightest,
has been for some years quite neglected, and the latter, for scorbutic disorders, and
chronical distempers has been much resorted to by the inhabitants of the village,
and it is believed, not a few have received great benefit." (Old Stat Act [Statistical Account])

[Alongside the above entry:]
With the exception of the Chalybeate Spring
Supplied on Trace near village of Marykirk,
the others are all drained and destroyed.-

[Alongside description for St John's Well:]
This is a copious spring it is
now covered up and used
as a well for supplying
water to Balmanno &c.

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