List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Camp of Raedykes Camp of Re-dykes
Camp of Re-dykes
Camp of Rae Dykes
Camp of Rae Dykes
Camp of Rae Dykes
Camp of Raedykes
Camp of Rae Dykes
Camp of Raedykes
Camp of Righ Dykes or Re Dykes
New Stat Act [Statistical Account] P [Page} 249
Antiquarian Essays (Stuart's P. [Page] 79)
Roy's Military Antiquities Plate 50
Messrs Tindal (Writers & Factors for Estate)
Estate Plan of Rickarton
Plan of Cowie Common
'Basin of The Lay', by Knox
Valuation Roll 1862-63
Mr R. Duthie (Stonehaven)
012.06 A large Camp on the Estate of Rickarton about 3 miles north from Stonehaven. This Camp appears to have been defended by a Rampart and Ditch part of which are still in a good state of preservation on the North, East, and West sides, also three small portions on the South side. (See portions shaded Black on Traces.) The portions shaded Blue are very faint but with the assistance of the adjoining tenants who levelled those portions during the process of Cultivation I easily made out the site of the Rampart and Ditch by the undulations on the ground. The portions dotted in Blue and marked Dfd, on Traces can not be traced on the ground, but they agree with the descriptions etc. as pointed out by the tenants. The whole has [continued on page 100]

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Parish of Fetteresso

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