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Raedykes: ONB No. 10 (Fetteresso) p.99
Ordnance Survey Office
Aberdeen 26th April 1865.

After inspecting this Camp on the ground, and comparing it with
others that exist in Scotland, I cannot but think that it is
undoubtedly Roman, and not Caledonian, although differing
in some respects from the common Roman Camps in this country.
The regularity of its faces, its great size (containing an Area
of 97 acres, sufficient for the accommodation of a large army,)
the Traverses (depicted by Genl. [General] Roy but not now existing,)
covering each of its Six Gates, all tend to strengthen this conviction,
besides the fact that it is totally unlike any other Caledonian work
at all existing in Scotland.
On the question whether this ground was actually the scene of
the celebrated "Battle of Mons Grampius" as maintained by many
Authorities it is difficult to form an opinion. The country hereabouts
forms an excellent site for a Battle field, and the many remains
here found show that some considerable action was certainly
fought; while the names of the various Hills all denote some
alllusion to a fight. It would appear however that the "Mons
Grampius" of Tacitus was a solitary detached Mountain, and
Dr. [Doctor] Robertson (the learned Vice-President of the Society of Antiquaries
of Scotland) states that "the mistake of giving the name of Mons"
"Grampius to the range of Hills running across Scotland goes"
"no further back than 1525, when Hector Rosa published his"
"foolish and fabulous History of Scotland." Whether or not
this was actually the scene of that Battle, and whether the
Romans at a subsequent invasion converted this Camp
from it's Caledonian form into one more nearly resembling
their own, must now remain matter for conjecture. I have
consulted both Dr. [Doctor] Robertson and Mr. Alexander Thomson of Banchory
both of them members of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
and find them unanimous in not considering this to have been
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