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Human bones and urns found here (continued) [continued from page 240]
Cultivation has has at various times found on the South Side of Camp Hill a great number of dried clay Urns containing portions of charred human bones and ashes. These Urns were all of the same pattern, were not marked by the action of fire, but had apparently been moulded and dried, each urn being marked by a small band of ornamental work near the top thus [sketch inserted]. The Urns were not enclosed in Cists but found Scattered about in all directions and what is most remarkable they were all found on the "Sunny" or South side of the hill. Near to the place where the Cist (hereafter referred to) was found, Mr Stratton states that he discovered a pit, or hollow, several feet in diameter and about three feet in depth, it contained a large quantity of vegetable charcoal, and portions of half burnt human bones. It is very probable that this place was used for burning the bodies of those persons whose remains were found in the Urns referred to. None of the Urns are preserved as they fell to pieces on being exposed to the air. -- [signed] B. Render Corpl. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers] 19/3/64
Stone Cist found here Stone Cist found here
Stone Cist found here
Mr David Stratton
Mr Robert Duthie
017.03 On the 18th February 1864 there was found at the place marked a Stone Cist composed of Six freestone Slabs, and measuring 18 inches in length by 15 inches in breadth, at the bottom of the cist resting on a flat stone were found several portions of charred human bones and ashes, but no Urn. The longitudinal position of the Cist was East and West. I saw several pieces of the bones they averaged from one to 3 inches in length and appeared to have been calcined to that extent, they they were easily reduced to powder. -- [signed] B. Render Corpl. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers] 19/3/64

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