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Malcolm's Mount [continued from page 239]
"It is related by old writers that Malcolm I. fell at Fetteresso, in the Mearns, in the year 953, in a contest with a band of Morayshire men whom he met on their way South to revenge the death of their Maormor, or chief whom King Malcolm is said to have killed. (Caledonia Vol. [Volume] 1. Page 390) Traces of ancient burial are also common in the district of Fetteresso." -- (Memorials of Angus & Mearns Page 23)
Stone Cist and Urn found here Stone Cist and Urn found here
Stone Cist and Urn found here
Stone Cist and Urn found here
Mr David Stratton
Mr Robert Duthie
New Stat Act [Statistical Account]
017.03 "In November 1837 there were discovered about an hundred yards to the Southward of the tomb last mentioned, (See Malcolm's Mount.) another ancient burial place, measuring 3 feet in length, 2 in breadth, and 20 inches in depth. It contained the remains of a human body, which had been laid on its right side with the face towards the south. The limbs had been bent upwards, and it appeared that one of the leg bones had been broken near the middle. An urn about six inches in depth and 28 in circumference, was found lying in the tomb, as if it had been folded in the arms of the corpse. Upwards of a hundred jet beads were discovered over the breast of the corpse, perhaps having formed ornaments on the edge of the Urn." (New Stat Act [Statistical Account] Page 250-1)
Human bones and Urns found here Human bones and Urns found in various places on the South Side of this Hill Mr David Stratton
Mr Robert Duthie
017.03 Mr David Stratton of Farrochie, the tenant of the ground who found the Cist and Urn above referred to States, that during the process of
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Parish of Fetteresso

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