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Fetteresso Castle Fetteresso Castle
Fetteresso Castle
Fetteresso Castle
Fetteresso Castle
A.W. Kinnear Esqr (Factor)
Revd [Reverend] Alexander Silver (Dunnottar)
C.G. Moro Esqr (Stonehaven)
Mr R Duthie (Stonehaven)
017.02 "The family of Marischal the history of which is well known, had their principal abode, for many generations at Fetteresso. To this place James II, repaired immediately after landing at Peterhead, in the year 1715. From that period may be dated the downfall of a race which had been conspicuous in the annals of the country, from the time of Malcolm II, who began his reign in 1104.
On the north bank of the Carron the late Mr Duff, partly rebuilt, and greatly extended the ancient abode of the family of Marischal, and Fetteresso Castle is now one of the most extensive and commodious in the north of Scotland. Adjoining it is a large park, in which are many trees of great size, and much thriving young wood, all enclosed and kept in the best order". (New Stat. Act [Statistical Account] Page 251-2)
"In 1363 William Fedderesse of that Ilk, gave to William Cumming and Helen Fedderesse, a charter of the lands of Fedresse." (Robertsons Index Page 46)
"On the 21st March 1645 Fetteresso House was partially burnt by the Marquis of Montrose". (Spaldings Troubles of Scotland Vol [Volume] 2 Page 460)
"For a period of 25 years Fetteresso remained in the same dilapidated condition in which it was left by Montrose, when William, the ninth Earl commenced the erection of the present Mansion, but having died at Inverugie, Shortly before its completion, it was finished by his brother George who succeeded him. It originally consisted of two large buildings forming the two Sides of a quadrangle
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