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Parish of Fetteresso

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pervenit, quem jam hostes insederant."
"In Agricola's speech to his army before the battle, he thus mentions the length of his march, and particulars
of the Country which he had traversed, before he came up with the Caledonian army."
"Nam ut Superasse tantum itineris, silvas evasisse, transisse Aestuaria, pulchrum ac decorum
in frontem, ita fugientibus periculosissima quae hodie prosperrima Sunt. Jampridem mihi
decretum est, neque exercitus, neque ducis, terga tuta esse, proinde et honesta mors, turpi vita
potior, et incolumitas ac decus, eodem loco Sita Sunt, nec inglorium fuerit, in ipso terrarum ac
naturae fine cecidisse." Page 202.
"After the engagement and defeat of the Caledonians, who retreated to their strong holds on the Grampian
mountains, Tacitus thus proceeds."
"Ubi incerta fugae vestigia. Et exacta jam aestate, Spargi bellum nequibat, in
fines Horestorum exercitum deducit." Page 208. (Transactions of the Society of Antiquaries of
Scotland. Volume 1. Pages 565 - 70. 1792)
B. Render
Corpl. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers] 28th July 1864

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