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Parish of Fetteresso

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"Communicated with the fleet, and where the ground was So plain that chariots could have
acted, I do suppose the Kempstonehill to have been the place where Galgacus was defeated
by Agricola. It could not be at the camp at Raedykes, because there is not the least vestige
of an engagement at that place, nor upon the Hill of Glithno, at WW, nor the Hill of Megray,
at T, which have no tumuli. Add to these circumstances that Tacitus informs us, that after
the engagement, Agricola led his army into Horestiam, which, I think every antiquarian supposes
to be the County of Angus. It is likely, that the Romans, Some time or other, extended their conquests as far north
as the Murray Firth, but it is probable, they abandoned those advantages in the Winter, for reasons that appear
perfectly clear. It does not Seem to have been of importance Sufficient for them to have defended, at a great
expense, a narrow tract of coast against the natives, and, to confirm this idea, I have not heard of any
Roman military way that has been discovered So far north as this. These military ways seem to have been
absolutely necessary where there were winter Stations, because they formed a communication from one
to the other. Those I have Seen are so raised above the common Surface of the grounds, that they generally keep
Clearer of Snow than any other place, and a Small number of well armed and well disciplined men
could, upon these ways, have easily defended themselves against very Superior numbers of barbarians."
"Extracts from Tacitus's Life of Agricola necessary for illustrating the above Essay".
"Tertius expeditionum armus novus gentes aperuit, vastatis usque ad Taum (aestuario nomen est)
nationibus. Ponendisque in super castellis, Spatiium fuit. Iter intrepida ibi hiems."
Glasgow edition Vol. [Volume] 4. P. [Page] 191.
Page 197 Igitur, praemissa classe, quae pluribus locis praedata magnum et incertum terrorem faceret, [expeditionum ]
exercitu cui, ex Britannis fortissimos et longa pace exploratos addiderat, ad montem Grampium
pervenit [continued on page 117]

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