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Parish of Fetteresso

[Right hand column. Continued from page 111]
"be dug up in the neighbourhood of those places, or
that the vestiges of a camp should be discovered
fronting one or other of them sufficient to contain
Agricola's whole army, and at no great distance
from the Grampian Mountains, we never can hope
to be able to ascertain the particular spot. Many thou-
sand Chances there must be to one against it ever being
hit upon by either means, yet so many Camps have
already been found to exist in whole or in part, this,
of the two methods, Seems to be what would promise
most Success. The most likely places to examine
and search for such vestiges would therefore appear
to be on the South side of the valley near Lawrence Kirk,
Keir, or Drumliethy. That Agricola would choose
this side seems probable, since the enemy being in pos-
session of the Grampians, he would not have thought
it consistent with prudence to have encamped
close under the hills which they occupied. The
victory gained over Galgacus finished the Seventh
campaign, and with it put an end to the active
military operations of Agricola in Britain".
Roys Military Antiquities of
the Romans in North Britain P. [Page] 86-7

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Romans, (See Copy of Essay by R Barclay Esqr of Urie and
Sketch at letter B.) The ground at this place on the
north and north-east sides facing the Camp at Raedykes
would not require to be fortified as it is a precipitous bank
in some places almost inaccessible, there is also a tradition
in the neighbourhood that an intrenchment extended from
this place to "Malcolms Mount". (See Plan 12/3.) The ground between
these places has been under Cultivation for a long time and every
vestige of the Camp and entrenchment destroyed. Mr Melvin of
Melvin's Hotel Stonehaven Station, (A very old man), says that he
can remember seeing traces of the entrenchment which appeared
to extend from "Malcolm's Mount" to the place marked B on
Sketch above mentioned (See extracts on Tumulus near this place.)
There are no vestiges to be seen, nor any tradition of a Camp,
or Camps, near "Laurence Kirk, Keir, or Drumlithy".
See remarks, with names of hills, and their derivations
B. Render
Corpl. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers]

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