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Parish of Fetteresso

"The nature of the country seems
to point out that the Caledonians
would take post on the Grampian
mountains, towards their eastern
extremity, where the plain becomes
narrow, from the near approach
of that lofty range to the sea. In
such a situation as this, they
would find it easier to hamper
the Romans in their movements,
than in the more open and ex-
tended parts of the country, and
therefore would as it were, force
Agricola to fight on their own
terms, Since he never could think
of penetrating into Aberdeenshire
by this gorge leaving the enemy
undefeated in his rear. *
Somewhere, therefore about Fetter-
cairn, Monboddo, or perhaps even
still nearer to Stonehaven, it would
seem probable that the battle may
have happened, but unless a num-
ber of old Roman and Caledonian
arms, should by mere accident
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* Every possible enquiry and Search has been made
at the places mentioned. There is a x Small camp [In left hand margin:] (x This is Pictish I think) in the
Parish of Fordoun near Kincardine Castle, and another
Camp distinctly Roman near the village of Fordoun, also
an entrenchment on Drumsleed Hill near the last named
Camp, but there is no tradition of a Battle having been fought
near Fettercairn nor Monboddo, not is there any pass or gorge
through the mountains at these places of Sufficient
width or importance for any general to risk the issue
of a Battle for its possession.
Previous to the ground being Cultivated there was to be
seen immediately behind the present Church of Fetteresso
near Stonehaven a Camp which was considered to be
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