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Magyis Cotlack (Supposed Site of) Magyis Cotlack Royal Charter 1595 025.01 There was formerly a bog or Mire at this place which about 40 years ago was known as Peattie Bog. The ground is now all drained and under Cultivation and is not known by any name. It appears by the Copy Draught of the Common of Bervie, which was drawn in 1788 that the Undefined line which is considered to be the Royalty Boundary at this place, was at that time a property boundary between the Burgh of Bervie and the proprietor of Peattie, and from the appearance of the ground the "head of the latch" i.e. the "head of the latch"i.e. the (head of the Bog or Mire,) Can yet be traced on the ground and appears to be correctly delineated on the draught and now Shewn on the 1/2500 Scale. Mr Alexander Carr, Baillie Bervie. remembers this Bog, and states, that the whole of the ground near this was Moor and Bog 50 years ago, and on behalf of the Burgh authorities he is satisfied that this is the Place mentioned in the Charter as Magyis Cotlack. Although this name is not known by any person, from the enquiry I have made, and a careful examination of the ground I am almost certain that this is the latch referred to in the Charter, and beg to recommend for the Officer's approval that, Maggies Cotlatch,(Supposed) be written on the Plan So that the name be reclaimed for the future.
B. Render
Corp. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers]
27th November 1863

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Parish of Bervie

Magyis Cotlach [Note] "Latch A mire, the back of a cart wheel." (Jamieson)

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