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The Needle
The Needle
Mr. McLean, Clachan,
Mr. McDonald,
Mr McKenzie,
007 This name applied to a rock situated at the entrance to the Quirang It is about 100 feet in height, and the first abject which particularly attracts the attention of the traveller on visiting this scene of towering magnificence, on Captain Frasers property.
TOBAR NA CURRA Tobar na Curra Mr. John Martin
Mr. Murdoch McLeod Dig. SKye
007 Applied to a large spring which along with Tober na Slante forms the source of a good sixed mountain stream. "Meaning" "obscure"
THE TABLE The Table Mr. McLean Clachan, Stenscholl
Mr McDonald Clachan, Stenscholl
Mr. McKenzie Clachan, Stenscholl
007 This name is given to a plateau of green grass Situate in the midst of a number of high rocks and considered a point of great interest amongst the Sights of Quirang, on Captain Frasers property.
THE PRISON The Prison 007 A feature Immediatly S [South] of the Quirang, Surrounded by a half moon shaped cliff.
TOBAR NA SLAINTE Tobar na Slante Mr. John Martin
Mr Murdoch McLeod
Mr John McNab
007 This well issues from a broken rocky face & throws out a great volcano of water It is considered by the natives to be a cure for Several diseases "Well of Health. Meaning"

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