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Mr. W. McLean Clachan Stenscholl,
Mr. Colquhoun Gaelic Teacher, Marishaddar,
Black's Map.
Stat. acc. [Statistical Account] p. [page] 238.
Fullarton's Gaz: [Gazetteer] p. [page] 131 Vol [Volume] 2.
007 This name signifies "shelter or seclusion", but some maintain that it means the place of mourning or lamentation in consequence of a vague tradition in the locality of a number of people having been found dead at this place at some remote period. It is situated on the east side of "Meall na Sunamaich" and about six miles from Uig. It is approached by a foot path passing near the base of a darK cliff which leads the traveller to the mouth, or entrance of a precipitous and rugged incline, on reaching the top of the slope you find yourself amongst a plateau of Green Grass, enclosed on every side by high columnar shaped rocKs. It is considered a great natural curiosity, and visited by stranger from all parts of the civilised world.
CNOC A' MHÈIRLICH Cnoc a' Mhèirlich Mr. John McNab. Schoolmaster, Uig.
Murdoch McLeod Uig.
007 applies to a prominent Knoll having a precipitous rocky face - facing northwards. Meaning "The Thief's Knoll"
MEALL NA SUIRAMACH For authorities & description see six Inch Name Book- Block No. 1
SARTIL Sartil Mr. Stewart, Duntulm
Estate Map
007 A Small district in the district of Balmeanach

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